music makes people better

I recently had a conversation with someone who commented on my writing style saying how she loved that I get to the chorus quickly in my music.

I thought about this because I was listening to a song that had this beautiful intro until the song kicked in and I thought to myself, "I loved that intro, and I loved that song, but I am not sure how they belong together."

For me, it is important that my songs feel intentional and that you don't have to wait to hear what I am talking about. Everyone has their own style that I admire and respect but for the type of songwriting she is referring to, that is why I do it. 

I was reading an article that Sia wrote about songwriting and she said that a lot of popular songs have some kind of conflict or statement in the verse and the chorus almost always has an empowering message like in an "I can do this" way. When I read this I thought, "YES, EXACTLY." 

What brings people together are similarities.

When we connect to something, it has meaning to us. When it has meaning to us, it has VALUE to us, and when it has value to us, we HOLD ON TO IT. We like it. 

So my idea/hope is that when I write a song with words that are intentional and have meaning and can be of some kind of value to another person, they can feel understood, empowered, human. 

When I hear a song I connect to I feel strength. 

Being a musician grants you this incredible power to make a difference in peoples lives.

That is my goal. That is why I do what I do. 


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  • Carly

    Carly Freehold

    I love you girly!!! :)

    I love you girly!!! smile

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