Your music on Wishful Thinking flows beautifully for someone who has only had one album. Were you working on it for a long time? 

AM: From ages 16-21, I had the privilege of being able to work in a studio for endless hours, with everything I needed at my disposal. From 16-18, I had a small EP recorded and almost ready to go that I pulled the plug on. A few of those songs were re-worked but made it on my album. I was mostly focused on making sure the songs sounded different from one and other than the same. I wrote a lot of songs that didn't end up on the album and one of the reasons was that they would sound too much like another song that was already going on. However, it was really important to me that it flowed together as a whole. I didn't want anything to come out of left field when the next song played. 

-Oaklore Collective 

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